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Love of Reading

Research specifically shows that the benefits of reading are more likely to be felt when reading takes place through free choice. The outcomes of reading will occur more often and more strongly if reading is enjoyable. This is why the 'for pleasure' element of reading for pleasure is so important.

Reading is not something that children should only do in school; it needs to be an everyday part of our lives, something we choose to do at all ages. At St Clement's Infant School we want to build a culture of reading that will develop a lifelong love of reading for all children. 

At St Clement's Infant School we are all passionate to make a difference and promote this love of reading. We aim to empower children to explore the multitude of worlds beyond their own world. So how do we do this? Here are some of the things we do:


Class Story Time

Reading to the class remains a priority and everyday, every class is read to by their teacher. This is a perfect opportunity for the children to hear a well read engaging story and to be immerged in the world of story. This is a non-negotiable!


Involving the community

At St Clement's we love to involve our parents. We aim to support parents with tips and techniques for helping children develop reading, comprehension skills and a love of reading.

We send reading books home which not only can be read to parents but books which parents can read to their children, so that stories can be enjoyed together. Each week, children take home a 'Bedtime Story Book' to share with their grown-ups at home. We also created a recommended reading book list for each year group and this can be found on the website. 

Every Thursday after school, parents are invited into the school library for library club to listen to a story, share books with their children and to take part in the weekly activity. 

We sent regular reading ideas and activities home to parents via email and use social media to engage. 

Our school has strong links with our local library and we visit ensure that each year group visits a library in the area during the year. 


Book donations

Each year we aim to have a 'Book Swap' event where children can donate books and swap them for something different. This is a great way of promoting enjoyment of books and gives children an opportunity to select what they like. 


World Book Day and other reading events                                                           

We love to celebrate at St Clement's! Like other schools around the world we too celebrate World Book Day! However, it is important to remember that it shouldn’t be about spending money on a costume for the children to dress up but a day to celebrate and enjoy books. We also take part in Poetry Day and storytelling week during the year.


A reading environment

It may seem obvious, but the school environment can really make a big impact. All classrooms have clearly thought out reading corners and much emphasis has been placed on not only how they look, but how accessible, welcoming they are and stocked up with good quality, appropriate books. Sometimes less is best!



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