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Creativity - seek to find new, fun, interesting ways of doing things, within a balance of structured and creative topics, express themselves physically, emotionally and through discussion and create their own musical ideas, new sounds, ways of working, Resourcefulness- select the right sound sources, including computer programmes and recordings.


Curiosity - explore new ideas, develop their understanding, make musical judgements, apply new learning, Reflection- learn about and learn from music, evaluate own and others’ learning, team work and performing.


Our pupils experience and explore music from across the ages and around the world, from Samba to STOMP, African drumming to electronic and film music, Rap, rounds and Blues. We visit the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, and have professional performers visit our school. Each child has the opportunity to learn to play an instrument for a year, such as the recorder or ukulele, and a large number of our pupils take up a musical instrument, with plenty to choose from, such as piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, drums, Samba, percussion, violin and cello.


Lesson activities and games cover the musical dimensions, through singing and playing instruments, listening and creating music, mainly based on class projects to inspire, enjoy and motivate.

We are a singing school. Each class teacher has access to ‘Sing-up!’ an online resource with hundreds of songs to choose to use for brain breaks or as part of the class topic, or just for fun! We sing contemporary worship songs with 2 pupil bands and have two performance clubs which are based around songs with percussion too which motivates boys as well as girls- a good fun musical experience which builds confidence, creativity and curiosity.


Throughout St Clement’s and Bethany, the children are encouraged to be musicians for themselves… even from Foundation stage, having fun, to listen, to lead, to co-operate, to create, perform and evaluate with confidence.


Research has shown that taking part in music improves focus, concentration, patience and perseverance. It maximises the ability of both sides of the brain and has many other benefits- communication, spatial awareness, imagination, creativity, sensitivity… When our children take part in music, they use eight parts of the brain and seven neural circuits which utilise pitch, timbre, accent, space, timing, language, memory, emotion, motor muscle information and sense of structure.


Playing a musical instrument helps accelerate learning and boosts the ‘memory muscle’. It can help with literacy, numeracy, encourages team work and builds community spirit. It improves a child’s confidence and is even proven to be healthy- helping with breathing, positive and general wellbeing.

For many, learning an instrument has changed their pathway through school- leading to social and skill Confidence, Compassion in listening and respecting others better, and Creativity and Curiosity at what they can explore and achieve throughout their journey at St Clement’s and Bethany school.

Music at St Clement’s
‘Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to the best in the musical canon.’


National Curriculum Music (2014)
At St Clement’s and Bethany the children value, appreciate, and love music!
We aim to create an environment where our Living and Learning values are explored and strengthened, an environment of low stress and high challenge; an environment which builds Godly spiritual development, in which all are valued, heard, respected and loved; an environment where effort rather than talent is rewarded, where there is support and encouragement for all in our school family. To build:

Confidence- A ‘Can do’ attitude, lead and follow, build and show skills, express views, try new things, be successful in performing at a high standard to a large audience at least once in the year, with Resilience- persevere with new skills, develop memory.

Compassion- Group roles with Reciprocity, listen with full focus and attention, follow and understand others, lead others with thought and awareness, Justice, anti-racism and bullying weeks and projects, wider community, world awareness and impact, perform and impact our local and wider community.


We have collaborated every Christmas with Linwood special school for 12 years to perform music, drama, and dance at the Carol Festival at the Pavilion theatre- a wonderful experience for all involved!